JPI Expands to Include An Audience Response Market

   March 10th 2016             Anj Rozecki             TEAM Lumi

JPI has expanded its expertise to include a “live” audience response element in its event repertoire. JPI has partnered with LUMI, a global leader in real-time audience insight technology for research, live events, meetings and corporate communication. TEAMLumi, the JPI business that heads the marketing and integrates audience response components for our clients is growing. As Lumi continues to develop new platforms that foster audience response at meetings and live events, TEAMLumi continues to find ways to incorporate those platforms into its live event production, and has had a successful launch. Numerous FORD meetings, including new hire orientations, have used TeamLumi to “break the ice” using polls, quizzes, and other games that strengthen the meeting agendas and promote greater audience interaction.

TEAMLumi introduced IPads with LUMI driven software for FORD during Press Week at the North American International Auto Show, The IPads provided inter active agendas, bios, videos, and other supportive information to help involve the worldwide press during the “Fireside chat” presentations at the FORD Behind the Blue Oval Display. JPI continues to provide Red Wing fans the opportunity to share photos and messages before and during each game through TEAMLumi based technologies. Audience participation at live events is here to stay. The fact that TeamLumi not only offers dynamic ways for audiences to participate provides real time data and analytics, makes our “Team” a leader, in another aspect of live event presentations.

Posted by Anj Rozecki

Andrzej Rozecki is a Senior Producer at JPI. He brought a long history of live event production, TV advertising, and writing for live shows and educational videos to JPI more than 10 years ago. As a member of the JPI creative team, his efforts are focused primarily on Detroit Red Wing shows and events, Ford video projects, and JPI produced musical and award shows.